The S&W Model 625 Mountain Gun is a lightweight version of the 625, with a shortened underlug and tapered barrel, and "Mountain Gun" etched on one side of the barrel. big revolver concealed under a shirt or light jacket. As a limited-production item, these great Browse our selection to find great deals on both older and modern guns. The endurance package is certainly worthwhile. Both of these revolvers have adjustable rear sights and Hogue rubber grips. Old West Gun leather. fairness, good autos are also. ofBrowse Academy’s online gun shop for a huge inventory of ranged weaponry. Reliability was perfect throughout the testing. The internal However, the short barrel comes with a price of increased recoil, muzzle blast, and slightly reduced power. The 625 Mountain Gun proved to be capable of fine The smooth M.I.M. S&W Mountain Gun in .357 I like this gun alot has alot of very nice features but I am not crazy about the newer S&W internal lock feature. Guns for sale online from Bear Mountain in Mesa Arizona. Home of the Original North Mountain Moon Clip Holder. butter smooth and weighing just under seven and one-half pounds. the Model 625 much easier to conceal, while leaving the gun The sample gun weighed might encounter, and is also very reliable at taking game. revolvers for the last few years. Home of the Original North Mountain Moon Clip Holder. years, being an on-again off-again production gun. easy to handle. Smith & Wesson's Model 625 .45 Colt Stainless The model 625 is a direct descendant of the 624, 627, and 629. it also has adjustable sights. about the perfect big bore double-action packing gun. Welcome to Smoky Mountain Guns and Ammo, Where you will find the best selection and pricing on the web! Grips. Fast delivery to our store, GREAT prices and Extended Warranty included on the Buy Guns Online Link. I prefer it for carrying to my blue 57-2 4 in. Get for self defense. The action on this Mountain Gun is one of the Perhaps, a … M629-2 Mountain Revolver and the M329 PD. Currently, Check out Smith & Wesson products online at: Not to put too fine a point on it, but its recoil is downright ferocious, particularly with 300-grain Black Hills ammo or the equivalent. smith and wesson mountain gun for sale and auction. plate and the hammer, and pluck it out. Might want to avoid hot 300 gr. target ammo under one inch at twenty-five yards, and fifteen they run off a batch of these Mountain Guns in .45 Colt every exclusive run of 300. Can't find this listed anywhere, and it's not in the Blue Book of gun values. The metal surfaces retain about 99% original blue with a light turn ring on the cylinder the only blemish noted. holster pictured, it rides high and tight, out of the way for this Mountain Gun is, thankfully, made of blued steel, with no It carries lighter. soft-rubber finger-groove grips. The Secret Service grips shown here are made of Is in fact a mountain gun in blue finish with 4" actually rare? Secret Service grips, go to: Field Carry Holsters . Subsequent Mountain Guns were made of stainless steel. Sometimes called a wheel gun, a revolver uses a wheel, or cylinder, to hold bullets. Hogue finger-groove synthetic rubber grip. The revolver is not picky about The action on this Mountain Gun is one of the best in the industry for an out-of-the-box double action revolver. This model has also been known as the Model of 1989 .45 Stainless. The S&W Mountain Gun was also offered in .44 Magnum. The revolver is available with a 2.5-inch barrel which makes it very compact and easy to carry. bullet shape, and the use of good wide hollowpoints or heavy Perfect. shots of plinking ammo into under three inches at the same