}); Please enable Javascript in the browser settings, or use these links to plan a trip: Civil Rights Notices | $(".ui-datepicker-header").addClass("round_top"); Watch Queue Queue }); event.preventDefault(); Comment | Contact Us | Full Site | Contact Us | Full Site Click to enlarge. $("#second_img").css("top","879px"); You may zoom and scroll around the map. $("#second_img").css("left","145px"); Route 13, also known as the Chester Avenue Line, is a trolley line operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) that connects the 13th Street station in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the Yeadon Loop in Yeadon, Pennsylvania, although limited service is available to the Darby Transportation Center in Darby, Pennsylvania. $(".center_blocka").click(function(event){ $("#first_img").css("left","834px"); $("#second_img").css("display","none"); $(this).attr("title",(new_title)); new_title = $(this).attr("alt"); $("#first_img,#second_img").animate({"top":"+=150px"},"slow"); This map shows the trolley routes serving West Philadelphia. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Here we see route 10 trolleys, with an appearance from routes 46 and 65 as well. Timetables are available in two formats - PDF and text HTML. Week 2's [Tuesday, September 22, 2020] SEPTA map is inspired by Boston! Cubre 11 km y tiene 43 paradas. $("#ui-datepicker-div").addClass("round_all"); SEPTA's 68 miles of track is the largest trolley network in the country. This browser does not have Javascript enabled. $("#first_img").css("top","900px"); }); Copyright SEPTA | All rights Reserved, 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, Clickable Regional Rail & Rail Transit Map, Including fare zone, station amenity and location information, Individual route maps are available with bus schedules. Copyright SEPTA | All rights Reserved, 1234 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. } Paper tickets will continue to be accepted through the valid date stamped on the back and valid for 180 days from the purchase date. SEPTA Tue 12/15/2020, 11:43:36 PM. Watch Queue Queue. The text HTML schedules are times only; they do not contain many service notes printed in the PDF and paper versions of our schedules. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Serving Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties. $("#first_img,#second_img").animate({"top":"-=150px"},"slow"); $("#second_img").css("left","145px"); Philadelphia's trolleys survived when other cities switched to buses in large part because of the 2½-mile, century-old tunnel from 40th Street near Baltimore Avenue to City Hall that allows trolleys to … Choose Your Stop ID. $("#first_img").css("display","block"); $(".excon").draggable({ containment: 'parent', scroll: false }); }); This map shows the trolley routes serving West Philadelphia. This map shows the “Jumbo Blue Line” – the Market Frankford Line plus feeders, inspired by the MBTA Red Line/Mattapan Trolley. "slow"); June 25, 2020 SEPTA Board Approves Fare Restructuring Plan. } $("#first_img").css("position","relative"); SEPTA is warning that over the next decade, it will be forced to slash Regional Rail lines, eliminate dozens of stations, pull back subway service, and convert trolley routes into bus routes unless Pennsylvania officials find a way to resolve its budget crisis. return false; 1:23. Route 101 & 102 Trolley; Norristown High Speed Line; Norristown Transportation Center; Center City Street & Transit; Philadelphia Street & Transit; Suburban Street & Transit; Center City Hotel Directory; Center City Pedestrian Concourse Map; Bus Routes; Individual route maps are available with bus schedules; NEW SEPTA Transit Network Map La línea más larga de SEPTA Trolley es la 36. SEPTA is still considering reopening the old 23 trolley route—which ran between Chestnut Hill and South Philadelphia via Germantown Avenue and … $("#first_img").css("display","block"); July 01, 2020 SEPTA Key Travel Wallet Launches on Regional Rail July 13. The official SEPTA app brings our entire transit network directly to you with convenient access to schedule information, real-time updates, trip planning, fare options, social media connections, and Customer Service. Get the best deals on septa trolley when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. event.preventDefault(); Please enable Javascript in the browser settings, or use these links to plan a trip: }); $("#first_img").css("left","831px"); }); SEPTA Key Updates & Information. These trolley buses have a diesel-driven auxiliary power unit, which provides electric power to the motors to enable limited operation away from overhead trolley wires. This trolley ran so fast and very loud too at 37th street trolley station. }); We appreciate your patience during this time. July 08, 2020 SEPTA Key Travel Wallet Launches on Regional Rail July 13. $("#first_img").css("position","relative"); $("#first_img").css("top","900px"); This video is unavailable. jQuery(function($) { 2020 Blitz Work You may zoom and scroll around the map, then click on the station name to view more information. Trackless trolley (trolley bus) service was suspended in 2003 and the 110 AM General vehicles that had provided service on SEPTA's five trackless trolley routes never returned to service. Septa Elmwood trolley #9043 on 36. However, in early 2006 SEPTA ordered 38 new low-floor trackless trolleys from New Flyer, which entered service in 2008, restoring trackless service on routes 59, 66 and 75. This video is unavailable. A whole lot. SEPTA Trolley tiene líneas de Tren ligero que operan en todo Philadelphia incluyendo: Darby, Yeadon, Philadelphia, Colwyn. $(".center_blocka").click(function(event){ $("#first_img").animate({ Video spots are 63rd and Malvern and 63rd and Lansdowne. SEPTA Route 53 is a former street car line and current bus route, operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.The line runs between the West Mount Airy and Hunting Park neighborhoods primarily along Wayne Avenue. left: "145px", $("#second_img").css("display","none"); }); $(function(){ You may zoom and scroll around the map. SEPTA Realtime APP. $(".left").click(function(event){ vel = Math.abs(delta); $(document).ready(function(){ This map shows all of SEPTA’s transit lines that meet the 15/15/5 frequency standard. Fares. $("#first_img").css("top","900px"); Route 101 & 102 Trolley Line Map This clickable map provides detailed information about each station. Here we see the aftermath of an accident that happened near 46th and Girard. Civil Rights Notices | // -->. $("#second_img").css("position","relative"); Conceptual renderings via DVRPC Last December, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Corporation released a lengthy guide to the future of SEPTA’s trolley system, providing conceptual plans and ideas to make rides faster, more efficient, and more accessible to all. $("#datepicker").datepicker(); SEPTA forces will work around the clock for ten (10) days, tackling critical track and power maintenance and upgrades, station upgrades and painting, tile replacement and maintenance work, and intensive tunnel, track and station cleaning as part of the 2020 Trolley Blitz. SEPTATransitFan 2,804 views. System Status. SEPTA is in the beginning phase of its “Rail Transit Wayfinding Master Plan,” a comprehensive overhaul that at the least upgrades signs and maps to make SEPTA easier to use, but at most could go so far as to rename the trolley, Market-Frankford, Broad Street, and Norristown High Speed lines.The project comes at a time when rideshare companies send instantaneous alerts to … This route 34 trolley was shaking as we left from 19th street trolley station to 15th street trolley station on the eastbound side. if(dir == 'Up'){ $("#second_img").animate({ // --> This new app is perfect for customers on the go with your best SEPTA travel options right at your fingertips. if(dir == 'Down'){ $("Map area").mouseover(function(){ event.preventDefault(); $(".right").click(function(event){ Customers can now get information about every stop location throughout the SEPTA bus and trolley system from a new website tool called Stop ID. $("#first_img,#second_img").animate({"left":"-=150px"},"slow"); Trolley: $("#second_img").css("display","block"); $("#first_img").css("display","block"); $("#second_img").css("position","relative"); SEPTA is planning a $1.1 billion overhaul of its trolley system. Clickable Regional Rail & Rail Transit Map The clickable map provides details, including fare zone, location, parking, bicycle and applicable sales office information about each station.